Print Zero Studios - Seattle
Community Printmaking and letterpress studio & the artistic endeavors of Brian Lane

Before Print Zero had a stand alone studio location Brian & Jeremy each had a press at their apartments.  Brian did around 10 art shows out of his apartment including in Dec. 2006, with Abraham Mong and Zach Bohnenkamp producing an interior mural floor to ceiling over one week.  The Studio/Apt. was located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.

Print Zero Studios 2010 - 2013 at NOGO in Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.   This was the space we upgraded to due to Dan Carrillo's photography taking off and the studio becoming more popular.

Print Zero Studios 700sf. space from 2008 - 2010 in Georgetown at NOGO.  We then moved across the hallway into the 900sf space. 

The NEW Print Zero Studios space! (May 2010

We are currently moving into this space and will have a 2 year lease! Appx 900 - 1000 sq feet.

Posted by Brian Lane on Saturday, May 8, 2010
Brian Lane: Hoarder of Art, Herder of Artists" by Amanda Manitach from City Arts Magazine, Aug. 2014.

Michelle Hanes did this wonderful little documentary about a few of the artists at the Inscape Arts Bldg. in Seattle including Print Zero Studios.   2014

I'm one of the people featured in this Seattle Printmakers 15 minutes long documentary by Steve Sosa in 2011.  Also features Dionne Haroutunian, Susan Harris, Liz McDonald,  Marcia Douglas, and Betsy Barnum.

Here is a link to the old Print Zero flickr page including the Mong / Bohnenkamp show above.

There are many shows, print exchanges, etc.

Order your copy of Print Zero Exhange #7 and #8 Juried Catalogs on

The "Old" Print Zero Studios space (seattle)

We have occupied this space from Aug. 2008 - May 2010. We are moving across the hall into a bigger space, which, as you can see, we really need.

Posted by Brian Lane on Saturday, May 8, 2010

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