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Community Printmaking and letterpress studio & the artistic endeavors of Brian Lane

Learn more about the various projects Print Zero and Brian Lane has going on.

I have been trying to locate and contact the owners of the 80 beautiful presses which were built between the late 1950's and the mid 1980's by University of Washington printmaking professor Glen Alps, who also popularized and named the technique of collagraph.  These presses were specifically built for printing collagraph plates as well as woodcuts and etchings.   Print Zero has a manual and electic version of this press.  I am putting together a complete history of the presses, owners contact list, blueprints, and instructions about maintenance, moving, etc in an effort to keep these presses alive.

Brian has been doing a variety of printing events with kids and adults over the past couple years including at the Getty Art Museum, Bellevue Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum,  Museum Of History and Industry, Seattle Center, and City of Auburn.  We strive to increase the number of events in 2016 to engage with the public and educate people about these wonderful print techniques.  Please contact Brian if you have an interest in hiring him to do an event.  We have small etching presses, soft cut block printing, small letterpress proofing press, and screenprint opportunities available.   

Print Zero got it's start with hosting a print exchange among friends and it quickly grew from 30 participants locally to almost 300 participants from around the world in only a couple years.  We have done 8 print exchanges so far, and have had 4 catalogs produced.  We plan to put out a call for
Print Exchange #9 in the spring of 2016.  Deadline for participation will likely be late summer or early fall.  Typically the exchange is open to everyone, no theme, we do an edition of 15 prints, 7 x 10 paper size, and then we exhibit the entire print exchange in Seattle and do a juried show which will travel.  Check back for details in March 2016

A fun 2 part linoleum block project in which  you are assigned a block size and create an image of a person, animal, robot, creature, etc, then you carve the block and print it.  THEN, we cut the block at the neck and waste and you can mix and match with other people's blocks and print an "exquisite corpse" .   It's a throwback to those kids books w/ the pages cut in thirds and you can do the same.... giraffe head and neck, gorilla body, bird legs for instance.

For a couple years we made awesome artwalk calendars.  There was an original screenprinted image designed by a local artist at the top of these 11 x 17 sheets, and the bottom half was a calendar for the entire year with the dates of the various neighborhood artwalks in bold numbers, and a reminder of which day and neighborhood had it's artwalk.   These were printed by Jess Rees and Brian Lane from 2011- 2013.  They will make a comeback in 2016!