Print Zero Studios - Seattle
Community Printmaking and letterpress studio & the artistic endeavors of Brian Lane

Info for Print Zero Studios - Seattle
Print Zero Studios is a full printmaking and letterpress studio housed at the Inscape Arts Bldg in Seattle's International District.  We have facilities for copper plate etching, relief, screenprinting, and letterpress.  There is 24 hour access, safe and secure building, limited $4 a day parking, and located 3 blocks from the I.D. Bus Tunnel and Link Light Rail station.   Studio rental is  $125  a month.  Please contact Brian if you would like to schedule a visit or join the studio.   I can generally meet after 7pm during the week, or by appt. on the weekend.  The studio is appx 500 sf. 
Please see below for equipment and facilities list, contact info, address and map.

Letterpress equipment.
Line-O-Scribe Proofing Press, 15" x 22" printing area
Line-O-Scribe Proofing Press, 7" x 10.5" printing area
Work Station w/ type trays, work light, and composing stone
(2) composing stones, (2) bases
(1) ludlow diagonal type cabinets
(1) 50 drawer type cabinet
(3) type cabinets of 10 - 20 trays each
over 100 trays of lead type
10 different wood type fonts of various sizes and quantities
numerous printers blocks of caricatures, photos, text
large selection of ink colors, rubber and oil based inks
variety of ornaments, borders, decorative blocks
lead cutters, table top foil stamping machine, 
letterpress books, specimen books, studio inventory specimens

Gordon & Price 8" x 12" Platen Press (in storage unit)

Glen Alps Etching / Collagraph Press,  manual,  26" x 66" bed size
Sturges Etching Press,  manual, 18" x 48" bed size

Printmaking Studio & Equipment
4 x 8 ft. work table, additional paper blotting / cutting table 
flat files for storing paper,  storage space for supplies
paper soaking tray 29" x 28"
screenprinters washout booth,  Ryobi power washer
utility sink
NuArc 26-K  Exposure Unit
Small Hot Plate setup,  
Light Table, 20" x 38"-ish
Niagra Jump Shear Plate Cutter (for copper plates)
Aquatint Box,  20" x 26"
Ferric Acid Vertical Tank & Water Tank
large paper cutter,  24"
Hard roller 18" long,  4.5" diameter
Soft roller 16" long,  4.5" diameter
Couple of larger 12" diameter Rollers.
squeegees of various sizes 4" - 24"
screenprinting clamp boards (3),  T-shirt clamp boards (2)
variety of oil & water based ink for screenprint, etching, relief, 
soft/hard liquid/ball grounds, solvents, veg. oil, flammables cab.
gloves, paper towels, tarlatan, newsprint,
fridge, microwave, cd / radio
large library of books on print techniques, artists, catalogs etc
additional supplies for use in studio (pens, tools, tape, rulers, etc)

Print Zero Studios
Inscape Arts Building
815 Seattle Boulevard South, B-13
Seattle, WA, United States 98134

Brian Lane

Please schedule a studio visit via email or phone.  We do not maintain scheduled hours, however, the studio is 24 /7 access